Shaley  Brooke

Have I told you about Shaley Brooke yet? I do not believe I have but I will before I am done here.

During the trapping season I usually go over some important critters and how to trap them. During the summer months I tend to stray off course, ramble a little (a lot) but still try to cover some important topics concerning trapping. Come October it will be back to the trapping how-to gab. So far it has worked well for me; hell Fred has not fired me so I guess all is good.

Have I told you about Shaley Brooke yet? Not yet but I will!

Mark your calendars for September 14 and 15, 2013 to attend the 40th Vermont Trappers Rendezvous in Barton, Vermont. Pack your tents, camper or whatever you slumber in and do not miss this event. This weekend is jam packed with fun things to do. Need a trappers course, get it here. Trapping supplies, dealers from all over the northeast and beyond will be there. Demos from some of the Northeast best trappers will be going on all through the event. Need to know the proper way to set up fur, well learn it at the show. Black powder shoots, frying pan toss, coin search, door prizes galore, an auction, a pig roast to die for, a couple of evenings sitting around the campfire telling trapping lies, er I mean stories and the annual VTA meeting make this weekend a blast. Camping is available on site. Hope to see you there.

Now about Shaley Brooke, but first this!

As I write this the temp is 54 degrees, it’s foggy as hell as I look out the cabin window. Somewhere pe-pe le- phew let go, filling the air with fragrance. The birds on the feeder seem to have a sense of urgency. I can hear geese in the farmers’ field across the road. The rabbit family is out, boy the little ones are growing like wildfire. A hen turkey is clucking North of here. The hot temps and humidity seem to have gone. I believe summer is losing grip and fall is near. My favorite time of year.

That being said I hope you all have your ducks in a row. Permission to trap should be completed. Your traps should be cleaned, died, and waxed if needed. Do not forget the night latches! I could go on and on but you get my drift. Trapping season seems to have a way of sneeking up on you and nothing is worse than not being ready on opening day.

The months of June and July were pretty quiet around the shed as far as business goes. But in the last week the phone has been ringing off the hook for supplies for the season. The wax and dye have been flying off the shelves telling me people are gearing up for another good year. This old geezer has spent many hours packing the shelves and making baits and lures to be sure you all have all the gear you need for this season.

Now about Shaley Brooke. In a bit here.

I just read the latest fur report and it states that all of the fur sold last spring, leaving none in reserve. This is great news for trappers as prices should be good again this season. The major auctions sold out to the bare walls and the demand for fur is still high so things are looking good. The average price for muskrats last season was $11.00 a piece which is a far cry from the $1.00 -$3.00 we used to think was high. But let’s not forget that the prices you see are the cream of the crop furs. If you are like me and trap for the fun of it the money is not important. I have seen the lowest of lows and now what appears to be the highest of highs but I also understand how fickle this market can be and I plan accordingly. Trapping should be for fun and not a job so go out and enjoy.

Now about Shaley Brooke, but first this…..

As the season starts I would ask for this from all of you. First and foremost be safe. Take your time out there and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. Let folks know where you are going to be, or better yet take a buddy or kid along. Respect the property you trap on, this is a no brainer. Respect the animal you trap! Again, a no brainer. Most of all have a good time out there. If you get a chance snap some photos and email them to me. With your permission I will use them on my Facebook and web site. I love the pics so keep them coming.

Alright, now about Shaley Brooke. Most of you probably think I have been hittin the shine again but I have not.(lie) You might think this Shaley Brooke is a new place I found to catch a nice fat brookie or some prime mink.  Not at all. As we tread through life some neat things happen. We graduate from school, get a girlfriend, marry your girlfriend, get good jobs, have a couple of children, raise them, have good careers, watch them grow and move on etc. Kinda what life is all about. On May 9, 2013 at 1:13 our family was blessed with a 7.5 lb. 20.5 inch long granddaughter whose name is Shaley Brooke Gingras. I have had a lot of good things happen in my life but this at the top. About two minutes after birth this grizzled old man was holding the most precious package he could imagine. Not one to cry a lot I let them rip that day. Life is so different now. I cannot wait for her to ride along in the pack basket as I check my traps. Do you think she will ever trap?? I hope so!

That’s it for now. Have a great fall. Keep your waders patched, your lures in the shed, and take a kid trapping with you. See ya on the trapline.