Happy spring, or not!!!!!! Just when we thought we were over winter it has snowed for a week, not a lot but an inch or six every day with no end in sight. The good news is that it has not been real cold so the water trappers have it easy this year as far as chopping ice goes.

The last day I will buy fur is April 1, 2013. This will have to be finished fur as I will ship on the 6th.I want to thank everyone who brought fur to my shop this year. You folks really piled them up this year.

Arrowhead Trapping will be at the Twin State Outdoor Show in West Lebanon, New Hampshire on March 9th and 10th ,2013. If you are in the area stop by and see us.

I will be holding a trappers Ed class in Milton , Vermont on April 27th, 2013 (sorry, this one is full already). But, due to demand I will hold another class on April 28th, 2013. The demand for classes is at all time highs, the highest I have ever seen. It is refreshing to see so many folks wanting to learn this exciting sport. The worse the economy gets the more people start thinking outside of the box to make ends meet.

Seeing how I am writing this on a Sunday I want to let you know I do not practice religion. My preacher in town wondered why I do not attend and I explained that if they did not hold church on Sunday morning I might consider. If you trap, hunt or fish Sunday is a special day. I do any connecting I have to do while I am out enjoying Mother Nature, kind of killing two birds with one stone.

But I am going to give you a sermon right now. If you have sat in front of the TV lately or listened to the radio you must know our guns rights are under attack. We are being attacked by all who feel guns are used to kill school kids and should be outlawed or tied up in so much red tape that it’s nearly impossible to obtain one. Have you tried to buy one or tried to buy some ammo lately? It’s not an easy game.

My request is to please join the groups that fight for our rights on a daily basis. For the price of a couple of pelts you can join the NRA, your local sportsmen’s club, Vermont Trappers Association, National Trappers Association, or any association that fights the wackos who are against our freedom in bearing firearms. Chances are if you trap,  you hunt so this affects trappers as well. Hell, even if you do neither but feel strongly about our 2nd amendment rights join up. Know your representative, senators and let them know your views. If we sit on our hands and wait for someone to step up to the plate we will lose the battle. Think of this comment for a moment” imagine waking up some morning and realizing that from this day forward you could never trap , hunt, or fish again. No, seriously think about it!! That would SUCK!!! “

End of sermon.

Enjoy the rest of the trapping season