Hi all:
   Well its here, the time of year trappers and hunters wait for.  The geese are flying south for the winter, the leaves are falling pretty quick and the surrounding mountain tops are frosted by the first snows. 
I love this time of year and cherish every moment of it. 
   Fur is starting to pile up here. The threat of huricane Sandy really screwed early trapping plans up but luckily we missed the brunt of it up this way. The rain we did get kind of muddied up the ground sets but was no real threat to the water ones. The regulars at the shop have brought in some fine looking fur so far. Did I tell you how much I love this time of year????? Just walking into the shop and smelling fresh skins, the  beaver castor, the mink glands gets me going. If you have not enjoyed this stop by and I will let you sniff until your heart is content. 
   The tough part of the year is do I hunt or trap. Being a old fart as I am I struggle with this every day. With a little scouting the first day of rifle season I found where a buck had made two scrapes in one area, and bending down and sniffing them (as trappers will do) I found them both to be very fresh smell wise. A good nights rest and a good creep into this area the next morning, along with a 45 minutes wait I harvested a nice fat 136 pound six pointer. So now with that part of the fall ritual done I can concentrate on trapping, until smoke pole season. 
   Thats about it from here for now. I hope everyone is having a fantastic year hunting and trapping. Headed to the fur shed to turn some foxes and then hit the hay. I have the frezzer loaded with wild game, fur in the shed, 10 cords of wood cut and stacked for the cabin, life is good. 
   In closing I want to dedicate this months column to my Dad who introduced me to the outdoor life style. Even tho he was always busy with his job he found the time to show my family these great outdoor pastimes. Even tho he is no longer with us I certainly felt his presence on Sunday am as I sat on  my freshly harvested buck. I love and miss you Dad!
   Nuff said, dancing chains to all.