November 2013 

Well the time has come. Trapping season is in full swing in Vermont. Now if we could get some November weather things would be better. Seventy degrees yesterday and thirty five tonite as I write this. They are saying snow on the ground by morning, cannot wait.

Put out a boat load of traps last weekend and things have been slow. The worst part is that a few of the critters we have caught have been pretty blue. As a trapper that irritates the hell out of me but it is what it is. You still owe it to the animal to use it to its fullest extent. The fresh smell of castor and mink glands are welcome smells in the fur shed. We will pull some traps tomorrow and wait a week to see if the fur primes up a little before we catch any more.

Its been a busy fall in the shop so far. There are a lot of new trappers coming on board and I welcome them. In September I held a trapping class and 30 folks spent the day learning how. WE carry many new items now and our new catalog should be on our website soon. The shop is full nightly now with folks buying supplies or bringing in fur. It’s a fun time for me as I love trap talk and being able to answer questions to help folks be successful.

I read the latest fur report this morning and things are looking good. The market is empty so prices should be right up where they ended last spring. That is good news for the trapping fraternity. I have trapped for forty two years and the prices now are the highest I have ever seen. If you have steel get it out there and catch some fur. Be sure to remember tho that the prices you read are for the cream of the crop and if you are not catching the cream you should expect less. Anything short of large and fully prime will mean a price paid reduction.

November is special to as I have most of the month off. Every day time is spent in the woods. I have a sore neck every evening from watching geese fly south for the winter. On my outing scouting for deer sign I had a nice ten minute visit with a fat little at least four point buck who was perfectly content with me invading his space. I made a appointment with him for opening morning so if he holds up his end of the deal I will grace my freezer shelves with his presence. Of course one shelf is saved for a few beaver hind quarters, a dozen or so rats, squirrel, p’tridge, ducks, geese, rabbits, woodcock, and pheasants. Wild game is the best as far as I am concerned.

As with every November I dedicate this letter to my Dad who took the time out of his busy life to introduce me and my family to the outdoor lifestyle. We spent a lot of time together in the woods every fall and I thank him for that experience. I lost him a few years ago and things are not the same anymore. I am filled with sadness over losing him but am filled with joy as I know he is watching over me as I hunt with my wife and kids. I love and miss you Dad.

Well, the cabin is chilly so time for another log on the fire. Good luck to all this trapping and hunting season. May your shots be true and your chains be dancing. Be sure to take a kid with you. Happy November to all.