January News:


Happy New Year to all. Diane and I hope your holidays were wonderful. I like to see them come and I am happier when they are done!

My trapping season was up and down. The weather was weird for the most part, way to warm. It seemed the only days that were productive were the ones after some crappy weather. It’s the first winter in a long time where I did not have to chop ice at the water sets. And it was surely easier on the land sets not being froze in.

That being said, it was still a year of fun. I did the usual un-planned dip in the drink, found the boots do have a hole in them at the knee level, left the safeties on a couple of traps, had a jar of lure leak in the coat pocket, got pretty well stuck a couple of times. I even did some un-planned cuts in the fur and ended up with a bob-tail mink. Had the yote bust out of the trap, only to find he came within ten feet of a different set a day later. Then after a little snow I found where a nice cat was hunting in the area. Just another typical year.

I plan on doing a little water trapping until the ice gets to thick and then I will be done. The prices are still in the toilet but it is what it is.

On January 15, 2016 at 2:00p.m. I am doing a trapping seminar at the Yankee Classic in Essex, Vermont. Last year was our maiden voyage there and we were invited back this year. If you are in the area stop by and say Hi at the Vermont Trappers booth that will also be there.

On a very important note, the Protectors of Wildlife whackos are promising bill against hunting, trapping and fishing this year. Get in your town representative’s ear and tell them what you think. These folks are real (although they do not act it) and are peddling there mis-information around the state. I have attended one meeting they were at already and they proved they are a bizarre bunch.

 I have a rant to do now, these folks use the term P.O.W .,  as an acronym for their group. POW to me is for our troops who had to endure time in the hands of the enemy. For any group to use these abbreviations for a group other than Prisoners of war are lower than a snakes belly in a wagon wheel rut. They should be totally ashamed of themselves.

 Have a Happy New Year!