It’s Trapping Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my favorite time of year is here. The leaves are falling and the geese are flying south. Better than all of that is it’s time to do some trapping.

The sad part of all of this is the fur is not ready. Everything so far is pretty blue, even the beavers. Oh well, waiting a couple of more weeks is not a bad thing.

The fur market is still in turmoil. Most of the fur has moved leaving the shelves empty which is kind of good news. The prices being offered are well below last year’s low prices. Gone are the 30.00 mink, with highs in the teens. Beaver, a high of 12.00, coons at a 5.00 average, well you get the idea. The good news is the amount of people who are still trapping regardless of what they get for their hard work. Go out and have fun and get what you can is what it is all about.

I clearly remember the last high fur prices in the late seventies and early eighties. We got high prices for a couple of years and then the market crashed. Guess what I did, I still trapped and enjoyed every minute of it.

To me there is nothing more fun than creating your own bait and lures, making a proper set and harvesting the target animal. And then skinning, fleshing and stretching, gathering the glands, the smells only a trapper can appreciate.

Twenty eight new licensed trappers from my fall class are out and at it and its fun to see their catches and hear their stories. Memories that will last forever.

November is the month of giving thanks which I will do here. First of all thanks to my wife Diane for all of her help with the business, skinning fur, enduring some of the not so pleasant smells that come with the game of trapping, my daughter Crystal, son Trevor for all of their help throughout the year, the guys who help with the classes, Brian, Kyle, Ray, Jason and Dan, you guys rock.  Kyle, Sid and Brian, for all of those late nights when the freezer is full to the top and to all for helping when its lure and bait making time.

Special thanks go to my nephew Logan, who at age 12 knows all the tricks of the trade. Logan helps with every aspect of my trapping life, from un-packing orders to helping on the trap line, while running his own line. I would be lost without this young fella and all he does.

Last, but not least, I give thanks to my DAD who took the time out of his busy life to introduce me to the outdoor life style. You have been gone many years and I dearly miss you especially this time of year. I would give my life to spend just one more day hunting fishing or trapping with you. I feel you in spirit with me every moment I am outside doing the things you taught me to do. Love you man. For those of you who still have your DAD cherish every moment because life is short and death is forever.

The wood pile is stacked high, the cabin is buttoned up, and the freezer is well stocked with squirrels, rabbit, p’tridge, ducks, coon and rats. Life is good

Have a good November, may your shots be true and your chains dance.


Diane and Randy @ Arrowhead Trapping.