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New Items at Arrowhead Trapping Supply 2015

Sullivan’s Trap Testers:                                 $13.00

                 An easy way to adjust pan tensions.  Measures 1-4 lbs. in one pound increments.

Stake-A-Lizers:                                                  $2.00

                   Screw into Longs to Stabilize Coni-Bear Traps

Flake Wax:                                                          $15.00

                   Make your own waxed dirt. 5 lb. bag

 330 J-Setters:                                       $5.00

                   Easy and quick for setting conibear traps

 Conibear Emergency Setters:                      $10.00

                   Keep in your shirt pockets for emergency situations   cheap insurance

 Coon Dagger Dog Proof Trap:                     $15.00

                    Push/Pull trigger

 R-Trap Dog Proof:                                            $15.00

                     Push/Pull Trigger

 Freedom Brand Dog Proof:                          $14.00

                      Push/Pull Trigger

 Syringe Poles:                                                   $30.00

                     Clean way to euthanize animals.  Pole/syringe included.  Use with acetone, fast acting, good for skunks/ nuisance work.

 Critter Zippers:                                               $5.00              

                       Use on rats to deer, bear or moose.  Large handle for easy grip.

 Sleepy Creek Mode 3 Coni-Tongs:             $12.00

                        Light weight.  Use with conibear traps, #11 long springs up to #2 coils.

 Turtle Claw Back Scratchers:                         $10.00

            Every redneck family needs one of these in their cabin.  Real preserved turtle feet and claws on a pole to reach those hard to reach places.